About Us

Dave Brown

Match maker and trainer, Dave has been with the club since the 80's. Following a successful amateur boxing career, he is now a strong member of the coaching team, forming the backbone and heart of the club. 


Roger Smith

Club secretary and trainer, Roger has been with the club since 1948 and had close to 300 amateur bouts and after he retired he turned his hand to coaching. Roger is still a very active member of the team and also is a southern counties referee.

Scott Welch

A long standing professional boxer, champion in both Britain and the Commonwealth, with an outstanding amateur career of 37 fights, losing only to a handful but with his strength and determination to succeed and be the best, he always returned to beat the opponents he had lost too. Known for his ferocious and intimidating boxing style, his ambitious campaign and relentless ambition to reach the top ment he was respected and loved by many.

He then went on to fight for the World Title, only to lose to a close decision on points

Since then he retired and focused his attentions on training others and still pushing it to the limits in endurance events such as the tough guy event and the 2000 mile challenge.  ' Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail! '


Chris Craig

Chris Craig from Eltham south East London .

After being bullied as a child in the 1970s my dad took me down to Eltham boys boxing club where I boxed as a jnr ,later moving to the south coast and boxing out of the hove boxing gym during the 1980s after which I had a brief spell training amongst the pro ranks under the watchful eye of Ronnie Davis and becoming a sparring partner and mate of scott welch , who in 2007 invited me to join himself, Anthony ,Dave and Roger as a new edition to the Hove boxing team which  l will always be very grateful for being asked and always very proud to be part of.


Rob Purkis

 Rob Purkis started boxing with brighton & hove boxing club in 1980 when 12 years old. He went on to win regional junior titles progressing quickly with his tough no nonsense style. Rob continued amateur boxing till 1992 racking up over 50 bouts(half his wins coming from ko & tko's) and boxing some of the best lads in the country. He boxed 2 national champions winning 1 and losing the other. In 1992 he quit the amateurs to start a pro career which didn't take off due to work and family pressures. After a few years out of boxing to raise his family Rob re-joined brighton & hove in 1999 to train and help out with the coaching. Now a fully qualified coach he works hard bringing his considerable experience to the club. Rob is also the club matchmaker/competition secretary and has a huge job with the club having over 20 carded boxers and the club hosting around 5 shows a year.


Brighton & Hove Boxing Team is committed to recruiting, developing and retaining the best and brightest young fighters to help achieve their mission.

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